The Paleo Diet Explained

We’ve put together some pretty stellar paleo diet resources here on Ultimate Paleo Guide. Take for example, our complete paleo diet guide and our comprehensive paleo diet food list, but sometimes, nothing quite explains a complex topic like an infographic (see the Paleo Diet Revolution, The Ultimate Guide To Eating Paleo, and Carbs Explained for other paleo diet infographics). If you’re still looking for help grasping this whole “paleo” thing, check out this great infographic from our friends over at the paleo diet dot com. Thanks guys!

Paleolithic Diet Explained
Infographic thanks to The Paleo

Facts to take away from this: 

  • “As much as 90% of published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed”
  • “15% of ppl in developed countries are depressed”
  • “According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in USA”
  • “Nothing in bio makes sense except in the light of evolution”

As always, talk to your doctor about your health choices, but try it out for yourself. Find out what works and do more of that. You might just surprise yourself.

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