Paleo Diet FAQ

Can I shop at my local grocery store for the paleo diet? Or do I need a “whole foods”-esque store?
All you need to eat on teh paleo diet is fresh food. Any place that has that will do – you don’t need a GNC, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes to eat well. You just need to eat the right foods. The easiest way to do that is to stay on the outside lanes of the grocery store. There, you’ll find most of the fresh food, while the aisles tend to have the processed, sugary and grain-filled foods you want to avoid.
Another food consideration you may want to make is eating grass-fed meat. No, grass-fed meat isn’t just for Portlandia people who are on the latest health kick craze. Grass fed beef is actually better for you and are free of the sa. You don’t eat grains so why would youw ant to eat something that’s bee just eating grains. It’s like second-hand smoke for your gut! Try out grass-fed meat and see what you think.
Is it gonna be a easy switch to the paleo diet?
How easy the transition to paleo will be depends. Most people tend to have a “carb crash” the first week – where your body is relearning that it doesn’t have to have carbs 24/7 in order to use energy. If you can survive that carb crash (which isn’t as nearly as deadly as it sounds) most people tend to prefer how they feel while eating paleo as compared to how they felt prior.
If I go out to eat is it going to be difficult to order something and stay strictly on the paleo diet?
It depends on where you go out to eat. Some places will be easier than others, but the best way is to plan ahead and be prepared. The flying dutchman from In N out Burger and the burrito bowl from Chipotle are two great paleo/paleo-esque type meals.
Can I still drink a beer on the paleo diet?
Beer is a no-go. However, Eat paleo 80-90% of the time and a beer or two for the big game isn’t going to kill you.
If I pack my lunch for work, is the paleo diet going to be practical?
Grill chicken and pack some vegetables. Bring along some fruit or nuts and kapow: you’re good to go.
What are the most common foods I can’t eat on the paleo diet?
The most prominent thing you’ll stop eating is bread or grains of any kind. Also, if you focus on a straight paleo diet, you’ll usually cut out dairy – cheese and milk – and any large quantities of fruit. However, if you focus on what you can’t eat, it’s easy to become discouraged. I recommend focusing as much on the foods you GET to eat – bacon, avocado, dark chocolate and the transition to the paleo diet gets easier and easier.
What does a typical paleo meal look like?
A typicall paleo meal usually has meat and a large amount of vegetables along with a small serving of fruit or nuts as a post-meal treat.
Here’s an example meal of steak and avocado with blueberries and blackberries on the side. It was pretty effing great.
Is the paleo diet expensive? Is it going to break my bank?
Fresh food is typically more expensive than processed food – but it’s also better for you. Something is wrong when the majority fo americans eat the smae thing and the same majority is overweight and obsese. What you might save on the front end with food costs, you end up paying in medical bills. That said, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (and it’s often a lot cheaper than eating out all the time).
The meal pictured above cost me less than $5. Sure paleo can get expensive but so can hospital visits – it’s all about priorities.
If I’m on the run…could I grab something quick?
Eating paleo while roadtripping is all about knowing your options. You can grab beef jerkey and nuts at almost any gas station.
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  1. Stella says


    How does coffee fit into the paleo eating style? Black ok? Or best avoided??

    Any insight would be great


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