About The Paleo Diet

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What Is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is a return to the way our ancestors ate. Long story short – we evolved to eat more natural food than we do now. As food has become easier and easier to get, we throw a bunch of things into it to preserve it. Sugars, salts and carbs make up the majority of our diets and now we have a majority of Americans who are overweight.

The paleo diet assumes that our paleo ancestors knew something, and that our bodies work best when they’re consuming foods and nutrition that we originally evolved to consume.

Why Is The Paleo Diet Popular?

No one knows exactly why the paleo diet is so popular, but in our experience, it comes down to two things

1) It’s simple. We can explain it in less than 140 characters (that means we can tweet about it!). This makes it stupid simple to follow. On the paleo diet, you focus on the quality of foods you eat, not the quantity. This means no calorie counting, no scales and more focus on quality food .

2) It works. It’s very rare to not see an awesome success story on the paleo diet. Overall, it’s popularity comes from people realizing that the current stream of “common sense” shouldn’t have led to the obesity epidemic we’re currently experiencing and that when they get out of theory and actually put the paleo diet into practice – it actually works!

What foods can I eat on the paleo diet?

A broad generalization is usually meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. If it moved or you can eat it raw, it’s probably good to go. You can also see our Paleo Diet foods list.

Where can I find paleo diet recipes so I don’t get bored eating the same food?

You can also check out our comprehensive list of paleo diet recipes, and our list of paleo diet blogs (with some mouth watering recipes of their own!)

I have more questions about the paleo diet, where can I find answers?

We have a Paleo Diet FAQ – that should answer any and all frequently asked questions about the paleo diet.

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