Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleo Diet Recipes

So you want some paleo diet recipes, huh? Well, we got loads for you! We have a whole list of paleo diet recipes and we can also recommend the paleo cookbooks below.

Of course, we have tons of free recipes here on Ultimate Paleo Guide. You can take a look at our complete list of paleo recipes here, our paleo breakfast recipes here, and a whole load more great tasting recipe options using the links below. Let’s get started.

What Type of Paleo Recipes Do You Want?

Ultimate Paleo Guide Paleo Recipes

Check out the hundreds of paleo recipes we’ve published on Ultimate Paleo Guide.

PaleOMG Paleo Recipes

Paleo Diet Recipes

PaleOMG is all about paleo cooking, paleo recipes, and terrible (read: awesome) dancing.

  1. Bacon and Spinach Stuffed Chicken 
  2. Roasted Rosemary Brussels & Rutabaga 
  3. Maple Mustard Short Rib Bacon Burgers 
  4. Sweet Potato Chai Muffins
  5. Crockpot Fig Apple Butter
  6. Pineapple Caribbean Jerk Filet Mignon
  7. Meat Crust Quiche
  8. Brussels Sprouts & Spinach Truffle Frittata
  9. Maple Blueberry Breakfast Carnitas
  10. Herb Spinach Chicken Burgers
  11. Pumpkin Granola Quick Bread
  12. Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Truffles
  13. Rutabaga Bacon Breakfast Hash

Check out Juli’s full archives of recipes on her blog.

Paleo Diet Meat Recipes

Meat. Gotta love it. Learn how to cook a perfect steak and a few other things with these great paleo meat recipes.

  1. How To Cook A Perfect Steak | Paleo Hacks
  2. Fancy Steak Eggs | PaleOMG
  3. Man Tested Recipes
  4. A Dinner Menu: Steak Dry Rub, Avocado Salsa, and Chopped Broccoli Salad | Everyday Paleo
  5. Spiced Espresso-Rubbed Steak | Fast Paleo
  6. Paleo/Primal Beef Recipes | Pinterest 
  7. All Purpose Steak Rub | Fast Paleo

Paleo Diet Marinade Recipes

Paleo marinade recipes and more. Yum!

  1. Man Tested Recipes
  2. Sauces & Marinades from Paleo Spirit 
  3. Paleo Steak Marinades
  4. How To Marinate Meat
  5. 5 Paleo Gravy & Marinade Recipes

Paleo Diet Salad Recipes

Whether you like salmon on your salad or you gotta have it stacked high with kale, check out these paleo salad recipes.

  1. Salmon Roasted Kombucha Squash Salad 
  2. Paleo Chicken Salad 

Paleo Diet Recipe2

Paleo Diet Dessert Recipes

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs tending to on the paleo diet, you’re in the right place!

We have so many paleo dessert recipes that we had to make a separate page for them! Check out our paleo dessert page for our complete list of dessert recipes.

Paleo Recipes From Vic Magary

You’re probably already familiar with Vic Magary, as he’s a frequent guest poster on this site. Here are some great recipes straight from his site.

More Paleo Recipes

If you’re still looking for more recipes (you’re insatiable, aren’t you?), check out the following sites.

Paleo Diet Recipes1

If you’re still looking for more recipes, you can check out hundreds of our own paleo recipes or see a wide variety of paleo diet blogs and other paleo cookbooks

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  1. monique henry says

    I run a yoga retreat and have a client coming who is on a paleo diet . This in itslf would not be a problem but the cours is vegetarian and last 10 days and I have reservations on how to get enough carbohydrates and protein for this person. Any suggestions?

  2. Lauren Michie says

    I am new to this and still learning every day – but in all the lists of food i dont see quantities – how much meat/chicken/bacon – paleo food can be eaten for a meal ?

  3. says

    I started The Paleo diet last week and did not follow the recipes given in the 30 day challenge. Will this not work if I don’t follow your daily meal plans?


      • says

        I’m on my third week and I still find that I’m hungry after eating and I also have some cravings for some of the foods that I don’t eat. Any recommendations?


  4. Christina says

    I just signed up for the 4 week meal plans and I saw that one of the days suggests having tuna salad… Is there a paleo friendly recipe on this site for tuna salad that I can follow?

  5. shelbi says

    I was wondering if there is anything I can substitute for eggs since I’m allergic and dairy products give me a stomachache.

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