How To Make Paleo Pancakes

How To Make Paleo Pancakes

So you want to go beyond just making a great paleo breakfast and make some paleo pancakes of your own, huh?

Well, you’re in luck, we have a great 3-ingredient recipe for you that we’ve tweaked it a bit for our own tastes. What we ended up with is absolute perfection. Enjoy!

paleo pancakes

Paleo Pancakes Recipe

The great thing about paleo pancakes is they are super simple to make. Case in point: this only takes 3 ingredients.

Paleo Diet Breakfast Pancakes
Paleo Pancakes
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Paleo Diet Breakfast Pancakes
Paleo Pancakes
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  1. Mash up the bananas
  2. Add in the egg and mix into the batter
  3. Stir in the almond butter to the mix (more almond butter = more pancake-y type texture)
  4. Cover pan with butter or coconut oil
  5. Cook the pancakes until brown on each side
  6. Top with fruit as needed
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How To Make Paleo Pancakes Recipe – Infographic


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Paleo Pancake Resources & Tips

If you want to customize or tweak your paleo pancake recipe to your own liking, here are a few more tips.

  1. Add more almond butter for more pancake-y type texturing (the more almond butter added, the more solid the pancake).
  2. Top with warm grass-fed butter to really bring out the flavor.
  3. Top with fruit (personally, we recommend some of the fruits on our paleo diet food list – our favorites include blueberries, blackberries and strawberries).
  4. Depending on where you fall on the sugar spectrum, you may want to add some all-natural maple syrup for a slight sweetened flavor.
  5. If you want to stay away from syrup, you can go with a  lighter sweetener and use some natural honey. It’s absolutely delicious – you’ll thank us later

That’s all there is to it! That’s how you make paleo pancakes.

Happy eating!

Recipe via Marks Daily Apple

Have you made paleo pancakes before? If so, share it with us below! People seem to LOVE our paleo pancakes. Just check out some of these photos of the recipe above on their instagram feeds.

Jenny Sansouci – Healthy Crush

Gabrielle Bernstein – GabbyB.TV

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  1. Sheri says

    I tried these pancakes because the picture looked so good. I was never able to get a pancake to cook enough that it could be turned. It stayed too moist and completely fell apart. Bummer! I tried a number of times and used enough butter, but still couldn’t get it to work. The top looked nice while it was cooking, though!

    • admin says

      Cook it a little slower if you can. Try varying up the ingredients in order to change the consistency of the pancakes. However, no matter how they look – they taste delicious!

  2. Daniela says

    Hello. I have a question: Can I replace almond butter with regular grass-fed butter? Or can I replace it with peanut butter? I know peanuts are not paleo, but I thought maybe I could use it for this particular recipe. Thank you.

    • admin says

      Swapping out almond butter for butter is a bad idea for this recipe – you can do grass fed butter in a lot of things – but this would be a strange one to experiment with.

  3. Leilani says

    Would love to try these tomorrow morn! Can you confirm the banana/egg ratio. The graphic says 3 bananas & 3 eggs but the text says 2:1. Thanks :)

  4. Karina says

    I just made these as a post workout protein hit to replace my usual smoothie as my husband is asleep and I didn’t want to use the blender. I tweeked it and it worked first go!

    1 banana, 1 egg and 22gm chocolate pea protein powder. I served mine with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries heated in a little saucepan with a dash of cinnamon. I made them small enough to yield 5 pikelets and they were easy to flip and held their shape perfectly. I’m a very happy little Vegemite .

  5. Liz says

    I always make them with the banana and egg, but have never added almond butter. I’m def going to try this. Especially cuz I LOVE almond butter. I eat paleo pancakes for dinner sometimes. To make them with a bit more consistency I use one whole egg and one egg white per banana. It seems to work out better.

  6. Jeanne Ruetz says

    I switched things around, used 1 banana and 2 eggs and 1 big Tablespoon Almond butter, cooked it in 1 T coconut oil topped with strawberries. These were the best pancakes I’ve ever made! It made 3 DELICIOUS pancakes.

  7. Odile Brock says

    This is the GAPS/SCD recipe for pancakes, by the way (published in the 1950’s).
    To cook successfully, make the pancakes no larger than your pancake turner, cook on medium low for about 7 minutes on the first side and 3 minutes on the other side. Takes a while so put two griddles on the stove.


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