“MovNat is a physical education & fitness system based on training the full range of our natural human movement abilities. MovNat is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence and conditioning for any area of life.” - MovNat’s official description.


What Is MovNat?

MovNat can be best described by the 10 main principles of MovNat, found here.

  1. Evolutionary - the movement aptitudes are evolutionarily natural.
  2. Instinctual –  the movement aptitudes are mostly instinctual. We learn technique, develop proficiency, and turn them into skills. Nobody starts from scratch.
  3. Universal – the movement aptitudes practiced belong to every human being regardless of origin, gender or age.
  4. Practical – the movement aptitudes are directly useful to the situations of life, both simple and challenging, that demand a physical response or performance.
  5. Vital – the movement aptitudes practiced are useful in times of emergency and contribute to safety.
  6. Unspecialized – the movement aptitudes are practiced in order to acquire and maintain a near equalized, well-rounded skill set and conditioning level.
  7. Efficient – the movement aptitudes practiced are performed skillfully, i.e., with efficient technique, resulting in greater performance, higher energy conservation and safety.
  8. Adaptive – the movement aptitudes practiced and the physical actions performed, optimally, must adapt to the contextual demands of the environment or the situation.
  9. Cooperative - the movement aptitudes practiced can be executed cooperatively (by two or more individuals) in order to perform physical tasks that no single individual could achieve alone. Or, they can be practiced individually, but for the purpose of supporting others.
  10. Environmental – the movement aptitudes are regularly practiced outdoors in order to maximize health benefits and increase well-being and connection with nature.

History of MovNat

MovNat assumes that human beings has 13 innate skills including locomotive ones:

  1. walking
  2. running
  3. jumping
  4. balancing
  5. crawling
  6. climbing
  7. swimming

As well as manipulative ones

  1. lifting
  2. carrying
  3. throwing
  4. catching

And combative skills

  1. striking
  2. grappling

Is MovNat Paleo?

MovNat definitely fits within the paleo framework for fitness as it focuses almost solely on moving naturally according to our human abilities.

How To Get MovNat Certified

If you want to get MovNat certified, watch the video below for more information.

To find out more about MovNat’s level 1 certification, check out this link.

MovNat Videos

MovNat Barefoot Running

Stage MovNat Thailand

MovNat: Move with Power and Agility

MovNat – Erwan Le Corre – True To My Nature

MovNat Combo Training by Erwan Le Corre

MovNat Instructor Vic Verdier

MovNat Training at StrengthBox

Official MovNat Info

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Facebook Page:

YouTube Page:

MovNat Links

If you’re looking for additional MovNat links and resources, see our compilation of MovNat links below.


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