The Many Types of Paleo

Is [insert your food here] paleo? 

That’s probably the number one question we get around here – after all – this is the .

There’s a lot of grey areas – and even in our food list - while it’s pretty comprehensive doesn’t cover all the different variances within the different paleo camps. In an attempt to try & solve this once & for all, we sat down with our favorite graphic designer and put together this comparison chart of the different stances of various paleo camps.

While we don’t dive deep into this chart exactly WHY each camp acts the way they do, it will give you a nice 30,000 ft overview of what “camps” of paleo eat different things.

Now, this chart isn’t definitive by any means, but it is one heck of a good start and does quite a bit to demistify the differences between the different paleo camps. Check it out below, share & pin it on your favorite sites and let us know what you think!

The Many Types of Paleo

Types of Paleo

What type of paleo do you follow? Or, have you made up your own version of paleo?

Also, be sure to share & pint the graphic above if you liked it.

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  1. glace says

    PRIMAL fits me pretty much to a T. I’m glad you included “white rice occasionally” because I debated about it a lot and finally asserted myself that it’s a “clean” food, esp when compared to other grains. Since I eat a lot of Asian cuisine, it’s really hard to exclude rice when the other ingredients have such strong flavors. Other grains were easy to cut out.
    I eat pealed white potatoes occasionally. And I used to eat a lot of yogurt but cut it out.

  2. Jim says

    That’s pretty handy, but the oils/fats vs dairy confuses me. E.g. Grass Fed Butter is not Strict Paleo fat, but is an allowed dairy… ?

  3. says

    I’ve just gone Paleo as I had a problem with beans and grains. This article really cleared up some questions for me. I’m definitely up for Primal as it appears more gentle approach. I’ve been lightening up a bit at the weekends and it works for me. Reading this helps me focus. Thanks.

  4. Leanne says

    Normal Paleo for me but verging on Strict – can’t live without my tomatoes! and one piece of Lindt 70% chocolate a day is my only sweet treat. Have found a deli close by that has coconut yoghurt … does that count?!? Been Paleo now for seven weeks and loving it! Never, in my entire life, have I felt this good. Even hubby wants to get on board although he’s leaning primal and will move the kids on to Primal also. See’ya fast food, can’t say it’s been nice known ya!

  5. Heather says

    Just checking on the 1/2 and 1/2 situation for coffee, is it a yes or a no? And what’s the deal with cheese?? Going from one way of eating to another sure can make your head foggy!! Thanks:0)

  6. Alannah O'Reilly says

    Hi there, newbie to Paleo. Can you tell me if brown rice is allowed or is it just white? If it is just white, why is this? I would have thought the wholegrain version would be better? Thank you!! Alannah

  7. Claudia says

    Hello Joel,
    I love this website, just wish it would also contain more info about AIP paleo.
    (AIP Paleo: Auto Immune Protocol – Paleo).
    Recipes for AIP paleo are so much harder to come by.
    Best, Claudia


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