3 Reasons To Eat Paleo

Okay, so you’re not convinced yet.

You don’t care about the history of the paleo diet, or what’s on a paleo diet food list, or even which paleo recipes you can make for dinner. You still want to know:

Why start eating paleo in the first place?

Well, here are three reasons as to why eating paleo is a good idea:


Paleo Food Regulates Hormones

The super scientific reason is that eating paleo is going to help regulate your hormones, most notably insulin. Insulin is the hormone that’s perpetually jacked up because of the insane amounts of sugar that most people consume.

This huge amount of sugar causes your blood sugar levels to skyrocket, which causes your insulin levels to jump (and high insulin levels literally put the brakes on the fat-burning process), which can be a real bummer for those people trying to lose weight.

As a bonus, many people who reduce their sugar intake also find that this simple change clears up their skin, hair, and tons of other things as well.

You’ll Eat More

No more of this counting calories bullcrap. No more eating salads or impersonating a twig.

The great thing about paleo is that you can EAT UP!

Seriously, chow down.

Paleo food is so nutritionally dense and satiating that it’s very difficult to accidentally overeat while eating strictly paleo (try it, we dare you).

If we got a dollar every time someone felt better, and lost weight, simply by changing the type (not the quantity) of food they ate, we’d be rich, rich men.

You’ll Eat Better Food

Why beat around the bush?

Eating paleo means you’re eating better food – period. Try to convince yourself that your Twinkie is the epitome of human culinary perfection, but, when you get down to it, eating paleo means you’re going to have to do some sort of cooking, and that requires you to make real food. You’ll get good (or at least decent) at cooking, and you’ll find yourself eating much, much better food in general. And, once you start doing this, it’ll be hard to drag yourself back to that Twinkie.

There are three solid reasons to start eating paleo. What’s your reason?

Want to get started with paleo? Start our 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

photo credit: David Gallagher

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