How To Become a Grill Master

How To Become a Grill Master

Grilling is a tradition in many places, but is a skill that not everyone masters. It can be difficult to know how long to keep certain meats and vegetables on the grill, when to turn them during the cooking process and what temperatures they should be grilled at. This infographic makes grilling easier than ever before, and is a great resource for those who want to quickly check how they can properly cook any food that they plan on grilling.

  • A thick steak can take up to 10 minutes to grill properly
  • The minimum temperature that chicken should be when fully cooked is 165 degrees
  • Veggies are great on the grill — some are quick to cook (scallion, zucchini) while others can take quite a bit longer (corn in husk, portobello mushrooms)

Next time you are grilling, keep this infographic close by to ensure that you are preparing everything in the safest and most delicious way possible.

How To Become a Grill Master


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