The Beginner’s Guide To The Autoimmune Protocol

The Beginner's Guide To The Autoimmune Protocol

This is a guest post by Megan McGrane - physician's assistant, health coach and autoimmune warrior. Find more about Megan on her site here. You can follow her on instagram and twitter. Did you know that autoimmunity is one of the top ten causes of fatality in females under sixty-five years old? According to the National Institutes of Health, autoimmune disorders affect over twenty-three million people in the United States each year. Autoimmune disorders include hundreds of medical conditions that are due to the body’s own immune system attacking its own organs. For example, thyroiditis is an attack on the thyroid gland, … [Read more...]

Pesto Stuffed Sardines

Pesto Sardines 3

 Sardines are a nutrient dense food packed full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. These little beauties are made from fresh sardines. They are then stuffed with a vibrant spinach pesto and put under the broiler. They make great snacks, salad toppers, or can be eaten on their own. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the top and you will be hooked. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide: Intermittent Fasting Protocols, Tips, Tricks, And How To Use Them

The Ultimate Paleo Guide - Intermittent Fasting Protocols

When you think about skipping or missing a meal, going twenty-four hours without food, or actually allowing yourself to feel hungry, what goes through your head? Does it feel like you'd be starving yourself or depriving yourself of food? "No way could I do that. I’d die!" "But aren’t we suppose to eat five to six smaller meals throughout the day?" As kids, we’re trained to eat at every mealtime and to clean our plates. We learn as youngsters that skipping meals is never a good idea, and that we should really be eating several small meals throughout the day to keep our metabolism revved up, and to avoid putting our bodies into … [Read more...]

Chorizo Burger


  Making these burgers in the oven is a simple way to enjoy a juicy burger, even if it’s cold outside. The chorizo adds a lot of flavor and makes these burgers mouthwatering. To add some space to this recipe, use spicy chorizo and add jalapeno to the topping. This could be served with a side of steamed vegetables or a simple salad and be the perfect paleo dinner. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Intermittent Fasting

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been around since the time when our Paleolithic ancestors walked the earth. They didn’t have grocery stores, refrigerators, restaurants, microwaves, or convenience stores. Nevertheless, they were able to overcome periods of famine. How on earth did they do it? Well, it certainly wasn’t by eating five to six small meals every day. Instead, our ancestors naturally used intermittent fasting. Of course, they didn’t know they were doing this. And, frankly, they didn’t have much of a choice. Food had to be rationed. They had to adapt. So, they likely ate about twice a day. The point is that our … [Read more...]

Avocado Egg Salad

Avocado Egg Salad-2

This is a great lunchtime and even lunchbox recipe. Make it in the morning and enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch. It’s also perfect for a paleo brunch. This is a fantastic paleo alternative to traditional egg salad. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make versus how delicious it is. Add some spice with a pinch of cayenne.   … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To A Gluten-Free Lifestyle

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To A Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Gluten is so hot right now. Over the last decade, more and more people have become aware of the harmful effects that gluten can have on their health. Additionally, more men and women are discovering that they suffer from some degree of gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance definitely appears to be on the rise and affecting more people than ever before. As a result, countless people are adopting a gluten-free diet. Despite this, some would simply dismiss gluten-free diets or gluten-free living as yet another fad. Nevertheless, the negative effects of gluten are quite real and, despite all of the potential negative gluten-related … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Artificial Sweeteners

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Artificial Sweeteners

I've already discussed the role of sugar in the paleo diet in The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Sugar. If you have not checked that post yet, click that link and give it a quick read, as it will act as a nice primer for today's post on the artificial stuff. Don't worry, I'll wait. After you've read it, I hope it's clear to you that not all sugar is created equal (no pun intended). The body responds to various sugars in very different ways. When it comes to artificial sweeteners, the body is not much different.  Today's articles is going to take a look at the role of artificial sweeteners in our diets: What they are How … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Bites & Spicy Cilantro Aioli

Sweet Potato Bites & Spicy Cilantro Aioli

Perfect for light nibbles at a house party, these are delicious hot or cold! The fact that they are fun and finger-licking good will capture the attention of the kiddos and might just get them excited about chowing down on more veggies! Note: This recipe serves two people as a side dish and four people as an appetizer.    … [Read more...]