Sizzling Sausage Skillet

Sausage Skillet

This über versatile meal might just be my new favorite paleo meal. Why, you ask? Because it can be eaten hot right out of the skillet, cold the next day for lunch, on top of salad greens, topped with salsa and avocado, or even scrambled up with an egg for breakfast! The options for this meal are endless. Make a giant skillet of it and store it in Tupperware, perfectly portioned in the fridge to compliment whatever you might be eating next! … [Read more...]

Perfect Paleo Yogurt

Paleo Yogurt

  Gone no more are the days of living without yogurt! This simple recipe will have you stocking up on yogurt and storing it in the fridge to eat on the go during your morning commute! This versatile recipe could be used for parfaits and other paleo deserts by adding a touch more honey or fresh fruit as desired! … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Grass-Fed Beef

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Artificial Grass-Fed Beeg

What's the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef? As it turns out, there is quite a big difference. Not only for the animals themselves but for us and the environment. If you're new to the paleo diet, you may have heard or read about the emphasis on consuming grass-fed beef. Or maybe you've been paleo for a while and you have your grass-fed game on point, but you're not exactly sure why you're consuming it rather than grain-fed beef. As a little prerequisite to this guide to grass-fed beef, I recommend taking some time out of your day to review some of the buzzwords used in the food industry, so that you understand what each … [Read more...]

Nutty Trail Mix

NUtty Trailmix

Let’s face it, when you’re traveling, there are next to no paleo options at roadside convenience stores or airports. This nutty trail mix is the perfect companion for road trips and airport travel days. Remember: fruits and nuts in moderation if you’re trying to drop the pounds! … [Read more...]

EPIC Bars Reviewed: Are They Paleo & Do They Taste Any Good?


An Epic EPIC Bar Review (This Is Epic) Meat as a snack? Who would have thought? I was introduced to EPIC Bars at PaleoFX last year. My first thought: Meat as a snack? Huh! I had a taste of the bison at their show table and was impressed with the flavor. I figured I needed to review the bars. When I got home from the conference, I decided to look them up to check out the ingredients and nutritional information to see how they stacked up. How Do EPIC Bars Stack Up Nutritionally? The EPIC Bars company describes the bars like this: The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. Paleo … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To CrossFit

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To CrossFit

CrossFit is like Starbucks right now. I feel like there’s one on every street corner. It’s crazy! I’m a former regionals competitor and CrossFit Coach at Huntington Beach. Within a one mile radius of my box (CrossFit Marina), there are probably five to ten gyms. Many of you have probably tried CrossFit at a CrossFit box, at home, or maybe even on your own without actually knowing you were doing it. You may have seen CrossFit on ESPN or you may have competed in the CrossFit Open. If you happen to be a regionals or CrossFit Games competitor, then I solute you. That’s some tough stuff! Today’s post is all about CrossFit. The good, the bad, … [Read more...]

Creamy One-Pot Chicken & Vegetables

Creamy One Pot Cicken & Vegetables

This colorful dish incorporates lots of veggies to make sure that your body stays nourished with plenty of vitamins and minerals. The creamy coconut milk adds a bit of comfort that is great on a fall afternoon for a rich indulgence. What a great way to make chicken and vegetables interesting again! … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Mini Poppers

Great as a pretty appetizer when hosting guests, or perfect to pack for a cold lunch, these chicken poppers can easily be made when you're traveling. Simply stop at a grocery for the ingredients and mix them up in your hotel room. Note: This recipe is primal, not paleo.   … [Read more...]