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Justin Miller

Lose Weight, Feel Better & Look Great

With Personalized Paleo Nutritional Coaching

Feeling low energy, letharghic, unhealthy and frustrated with that stubborn belly fat. Interested in the paleo diet, but need a step-by-step plan to help you out?

I’m Justin Miller – Ultimate Paleo Guide’s in-house nutrition coach. I offer individualized and customized coaching and consulting based around the paleo framework and your individual needs.

Since everyone is different for everyone, I offer personal coaching in the following ways.

Paleo Consultation Options

  • 30-Minute Call :: $75
  • One-Month Package (one month) :: $250

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30-Minute Call – $75

If you have a couple questions, are looking to get started, need clarification on a sticky point or just want to talk, this is perfect for you.

One-Month Package – $250

This comprehensive package is meant for this starting out on paleo (or already on it),  but are looking to really focus in and dial things in.

This includes two 45 minute phone calls calls, and weekly check-ins throughout the month.

You’ll also receive access to additional exclusive paleo materials prepared just for coaching clients.

If you’d like to purchase multiple months of coaching at once, there are some available discounts. For pricing, please email

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Personal Paleo Coaching Success Stories

30 Pounds In 3 Months!


I spent 3 months working with Justin. Lost 30 pounds, gained strength, confidence, and the desire to be more and achieve more. My relationships with myself and family have never been better!

– Ami Velasquez

2 1/2 Inches In 6 Weeks!  

                                      nick testimonial

The best part about working with Justin is how personalized my workouts and diet were. He basically created an online presence of himself watching over me, without having to physically be there doing the standard yelling and pushing that most coaches do. The difference is that Justin wants to help motivate yourself, instead of doing your motivation for you.

After just 6 weeks of following Justin’s plan, I had lost only one pound, but 2.5 inches on my waist. I am stronger and lift heavier than I ever have before. I can’t even explain how great I’ve felt since the training. I have an enormous increase in energy and have never been more productive with my days than I currently am being. 

I highly recommend working with Justin to address any of your workout goals. Not only will you feel incredible, but you’ll learn the basics of how to change-up your workouts and shock your body on your own to get results than ever you thought were possible. Good luck and have fun!

Nick Beaudoin
Boston, Massachusetts
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Justin’s Credentials

Besides being active in various fitness practices such as Crossfit, yoga, meditation, active release techniques (A.R.T), and Qigong, Justin’s nutrition background is extensive and includes:

  • Masters of Science in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco
  • PICP-1 (Charles Poliquin)
  • Precision Nutrition, PN-1  
  • Crossfit L1
  • NSCA-PT 
  • Weston A. Price member 
  • Metabolism and Nutrition Society member  

Let’s Talk!

Ready to take that next step with a personal monthly paleo coach? 

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Just email me at and lets get started!

Lets do this,

Justin Miller
Ultimate Paleo Guide