Foods That Help Heal Allergies


By Jillian Babcock Photo credit: Stoneledge farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Local Farming Week Twenty-Two CLS_6164 via photopin (license) Here’s an alarming fact: nearly 15 million people in the United States have a food allergy. Of that, 9 million are adults and 6 million are children—and that number is on the rise, according to With diets that consist of inflammatory foods like processed grains, vegetable oils and packaged goods filled with artificial ingredients, it’s no wonder that food intolerances, reactions and sensitivities are diagnosed more than ever before. A food allergy is biologically a measurable … [Read more...]

Simple Food Swaps For The Autoimmune Protocol


By Megan McGrane Photo credit: Making zucchini bread via photopin (license) So you want to take on the Autoimmune Protocol? Great! Don’t let the list of foods that you are removing from your diet overwhelm you.  The best way to combat the feeling of “Well, what can I eat?” while you follow the AIP is to find simple “swaps” for some of your favorite foods. Making easy substitutions will help you keep your diet on track while not missing out on foods you can’t eat.   Swap This … For This How? Mashed Potatoes Cauliflower Steam and mash cauliflower florets like you would mashed potato. Use ghee … [Read more...]

Cheating: Is It Worth It on the Autoimmune Protocol?

cheat meal

By Megan McGrane Ah, the inevitable ‘cheat meal’. How much damage can one little meal do, right? When you are following the AIP (autoimmune protocol) the temptation to take a break from your meal plan can be strong. This may be a hard line in the sand, but let me tell you why cheating on the AIP just isn’t worth it. Whatever your reason for choosing to do the AIP, you felt that it was something you wanted, or needed, to do to be healthier. Can you take a moment and think back to what made you want to improve your health and eating habits? Many times, taking a moment to recall your goals and motivations can help you shake the feeling of … [Read more...]

The Nutritional Benefits of Olive Oil


By Jillian Babcock One of the heart-healthiest sources of fatty acids on earth and has been consumed for thousands of years is olive oil. Based on much research, olive oil is an inflammatory, mostly monounsaturated fat (MUFAs) that can help protect against the development of numerous diseases. In fact olive oil consumption is tied to reducing the risk of developing heart disease, metabolic complications, obesity, depression, cancer, type-2 diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s and even more. And the best part? It tastes great, helps you feel full after eating, and enhances nutrient absorption from other foods—especially … [Read more...]

Classic Steak and Eggs

Steak and Egg-3

You can’t go wrote with a good steak and eggs. This one is spicy and delicious. This is the perfect paleo breakfast for dinner recipe. Add some avocado or even guacamole for a creamy side. This recipe would also go great with roasted asparagus. You’ll love this filling dinner! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Are Pancakes Paleo?


The Short Answer It completely depends on the kind of flour used to make the pancakes – some pancakes can be paleo, like the kinds made using coconut or almond meal, while most others are not. When people think of pancakes they are usually referring to the kind made with wheat flour, which is definitely not paleo. In fact no flour that is made of any grain – whether it’s whole wheat flour, rice, oat, etc. – is paleo be use grains themselves aren’t paleo. Why Are, and Aren’t, Pancakes Paleo? Most pancake recipes include: refined white flour, cane sugar, eggs, milk and maple syrup. As you can probably tell, some of these aren’t … [Read more...]

Is Safflower Oil Paleo?


The Quick Answer No. Safflower oil is not paleo. Why Isn’t Safflower OilPaleo? Safflower oil is a kind of “refined” oil – and all refined oils are not paleo.Creating oil from a flower is a lengthy process as you can imagine – it’s definitely not one that people living in Paleolithic times could have done. Safflower is similar to other highly-processed vegetable oils like grape seed, sunflower, canola, and palm fruit oil. All of these oils go through extensive refining processes that usually destroy the oils’ health-promoting properties (if they even had any to begin with). This happens because high-heat methods used during … [Read more...]

How To Tell If A Food Is Paleo

How To Tell If A Food Is Paleo I get a lot of questions about whether a specific food is paleo or not. It’s tough to figure all of paleo out from the start, so I've laid it all out here. Please note, that this is what would be considered a "strict" traditional paleo guidlines. There are variations (for fat loss, athletes, primal and autoimmune), but this is the most common one. You can always download our app - - but on the odd chance you don’t find something you’re looking for, here’s how you go about determining if a food is or is not paleo. Hopefully with this post, we'll not only show you what foods are paleo and what … [Read more...]

Ultimate Paleo Guide Is Hiring A Nutritionist & Blog Manager

Ultimate Paleo Guide Is Hiring Great news! The Ultimate Paleo Guide team is growing! We’re looking to hire a blog manager and nutritionist to our team. Responsibilities include: Blog schedule & coordination Content organization Social media schedule & interaction Customer service Time Requirements: 5–10 hours / week to start (more down the road). This is a part time position. We are looking for someone who wants to take on a small role that can grow into a huge one. Requirements Exceptional knowledge of the paleo lifestyle. Incredible knowledge of word press. Ability to diffuse customer concerns … [Read more...]