The Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet 1

Sometimes, with all the different paleo sites and authorities around, it can start to feel like eating paleo is way more complicated than it is. Dairy isn't paleo but should you eat grass-fed butter? Fruit is paleo but which fruits are best for you? How much fruit is OK? These questions are all valid but until you're eating paleo 80% of the time, there's no need to get caught up in the details. To get the biggest results quickly, you just need to start by eating real food most of the time. The Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet Paleo is really quite simple. It all comes down to eating real food, i.e. food that is found naturally in the … [Read more...]

Dream On: Why Sleeping Is Important


Okay, we're going to stop hammering on about it sometime soon, we promise, but sleep is super important (if you haven't figured it out already). The Frugal Dad has a great infographic all about how to sleep better, and why you should. It's a great follow up to our earlier sleep infographics (here and here). via Frugal Dad … [Read more...]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep? You should be. After all, we've already shown you why sleep is awesome, and what the dangers of not getting enough sleep are. If that wasn't enough to convince you, check out this infographic on how to know if you're well rested or not. Via LiveScience … [Read more...]

Sleep Is Awesome


Sleep is awesome (and it's paleo). But, with more and more late night distractions, people are staying up all hours of the night, and sacrificing sleep. This great infographic breaks down exactly why sleep is so important, for example: Going to bed late almost doubles the chance of you getting breast cancer. If you're sleep deprived, you're 20% more likely to be dead in 20 years. You can lose 14.3 pounds in a year simply by swapping an hour of TV for an hour of sleep.  Check out the full infographic for all the details:  via Mind Body Green … [Read more...]

Get Drunk Not Fat (A Non-Paleo Look at Alcohol)

get drunk, not fat

Getting drunk isn't necessarily paleo, but if you're looking to start cutting back your alcohol intake, this is a good starter guide. If you're looking for a full paleo guide to alcohol, we've got you covered right over here. In the meantime, if you just want to get drunk, not fat (and aren't worried about whether or not it's paleo), take a look at the graphic below: via BuzzFeed … [Read more...]

Ultimate Paleo Guide to Alcohol

UPG alcohol infographic

It’s Friday night, and it’s been a long workday. You’re looking to get home as quickly as possible to meet up with some friends, and relax a little. Everybody’s looking forward to grabbing a drink … or two. What do you do? You’ve just started this paleo thing, and are going pretty strong, seeing great results, and feeling great. But you also feel like you’ve been a bit of a hermit, avoiding restaurants and nights out with your pals. You’re feeling as if you need to take it easy, head out and have a good time, and enjoy the company of some good friends and a few drinks, but you don’t want to ruin the new paleo version of yourself. You … [Read more...]

The Many Types of Paleo

Is [insert your food here] paleo?  That's probably the number one question we get around here - after all - this is the . There's a lot of grey areas - and even in our food list - while it's pretty comprehensive doesn't cover all the different variances within the different paleo camps. In an attempt to try & solve this once & for all, we sat down with our favorite graphic designer and put together this comparison chart of the different stances of various paleo camps. While we don't dive deep into this chart exactly WHY each camp acts the way they do, it will give you a nice 30,000 ft overview of what "camps" of paleo eat … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Herbs & Spices

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Herbs & Spices One of the best things about the paleo diet is that it gives those who follow it a tremendous amount of options when it comes to pairing herbs and spices with foods. While not all of the foods on this infographic are paleo, there are some great suggestions for the ones that are. Fish and shellfish are basically a blank slate when it comes to herbs and spices Vegetables can accommodate virtually any herb or spice, which can add something new to the veggies that you may be tired of Beef and poultry are always solid choices for trying out new herbs and spices Pick a few spices below and try … [Read more...]

The Paleo Diet In A Nutshell

The Paleo Diet In A Nutshell Yes, we have tons of paleo resources on this site, but it's always helpful to have new easy-to-understand resources available for those new to the paleo diet. We tracked down this info graphic on the paleo diet that explains the broader points of the diet while being specific and helpful at the same time. What you can eat & what you can't eat The Real Problem of Obesity in The US Solid Reasoning & Backing For The Paleo Diet Read more in full in the paleo infographic below. The Paleo Diet In A Nutshell The Paleo Diet infographic   … [Read more...]