Why Microwaves Aren’t Paleo (And Why They’re Dangerous)

Why Microwaves Aren't Paleo

So, you want to know whether or not microwaves are paleo? The Quick Answer As you have probably guessed, microwaves are not paleo. Why Aren’t Microwaves Paleo? The answer seems obvious. I mean, beans and quinoa are off the table, so microwaving can’t possibly be acceptable, right? Well, think again, because the convenience and new technology of microwaves aren't the primary reasons for their classification as "non-paleo." The paleo diet does not shun things simply because they are new. It is obvious that microwaves are a relatively new piece of cooking technology and not something that Paleolithic people could have used, however, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Greens Powders

The Ultimate Paleo Guide To Greens Powders

The paleo diet is often consider the diet plan for carnivores. In fact, one of the biggest paleo myths is that it’s all about meat and animal protein. Actually, the paleo diet puts good ol’ greens first. If we went old school on you, and broke out a paleo food pyramid, vegetables would be at the base. Regardless of your approach to nutrition, vegetables should be your primary source of food. They're a low-calorie source of vitamins and minerals, making them extremely nutrient-dense. Most recent dietary recommendations call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day, depending on age, gender, activity … [Read more...]

The Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

The Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

What Is Celiac Disease? Celiac disease is a gut condition caused by gluten insensitivity and intolerance. People with celiac disease experience a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms when they consume foods containing or contaminated by gluten. While these symptoms range from mild and merely unpleasant to severe and downright painful, they can be helpful in alerting us to undiagnosed digestive issues such as celiac disease. For a more in-depth look at celiac disease, read What Is Celiac Disease? What Are The Symptoms Of Celiac Disease? The symptoms of celiac disease vary from person to person. People with only a mild case of … [Read more...]

What Is Celiac Disease?


According to the statistics reported in the peer reviewed American Journal of Gastroenterology (1), the prevalence of Celiac disease in United States is roughly 0.71%. This means that over three million Americans are currently living with Celiac disease. But what is it? Celiac disease is a gut condition that causes weight loss, anemia, and gut inflammation. Although the exact cause of Celiac disease is unknown, it is believed that some people are genetically predisposed to the illness. Why Going Gluten-Free Isn’t The Answer Gluten and grains aren’t the only problems. Approximately 30% of those with Celiac disease are unable to clear … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide to Eating for Autoimmune-Related Conditions


After finishing my Master's degree at the University of San Francisco about five years ago, I decided to reward myself for all of my efforts by taking a three month sabbatical from “the daily grind” by traveling the world. I visited Japan, India, Thailand, Egypt, and France. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (sorry, Dickens). It was the best because of the amazing and life altering experiences I had, the unique people I was able to connect with, and the personal challenges I was forced to overcome. It was the worst because of some of the health problems I faced while abroad. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had the time … [Read more...]

What Is MovNat?


Eating healthy food is just one aspect of healthy living. The true paleo lifestyle includes a number of other things: getting enough sleep, doing plenty of exercise, and drinking lots of water.   Just as it can be difficult to work out which diet works best for you, there are plenty of exercise options to choose from. We've already discussed CrossFit as a fairly paleo way of working out, and in this article we consider another form of exercise which focuses on natural movement, MovNat. Interview with Founder of MovNat, Erwan Le  Corre   What is MovNat? MovNat is a coaching and training method for the practice of … [Read more...]

How to Start Eating Paleo Today

The most important step when transitioning to the paleo lifestyle is just getting started. And yet it's also the hardest. Here at the UPG, we get tons of questions from people around the world who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, but who are just not sure how to get started. We take the guess work out of it, so that you can get started today, and your transformation can begin. Step 1: Perform a kitchen makeover As nice as it is to think you have all the willpower in the world, and that you can resist any and all temptations, especially when it comes to food, the truth is that you can't. It's been proven that willpower is … [Read more...]

Paleo and Fiber

A few questions that come up frequently when someone is looking to transition to a paleo lifestyle are related to fiber: How will I get enough fiber if there are no grains allowed? Don't "whole grains" and fiber help fight cholesterol? Don't I need a certain amount of fiber in order to stay regular? What are the best sources of fiber if I'm going paleo? Fiber helps keep me full and is good for weight loss, right? A lot of the information you'll read about fiber is not far off base - fiber does help with satiety, constipation, and regular bowl movements, cholesterol, and a whole host of other ailments. In this article, we'll … [Read more...]

Sugar Is Toxic


The NYT Opinion recently ran a piece on a PLoS One study that links increased sugar availability to increased rates of obesity and diabetes. One  of our favorite things about paleo is the natural decrease in sugar consumption that it brings to most diets, simply because it means eating real foods. The study corroborates this approach. The key point in the article is this: “Each 150 kilocalories/person/day increase in total calorie availability related to a 0.1 percent rise in diabetes prevalence (not significant), whereas a 150 kilocalories/person/day rise in sugar availability (one 12-ounce can of soft drink) was associated with a 1.1 … [Read more...]

How To Lose The Final Five Pounds With The Paleo Diet

This is a guest post from Vic Magary.  Vic is an advocate of the Paleo diet, proud pet-parent to his golden retriever Coda, and creator of the Final Five Formula program. The Paleo diet is a great eating strategy for weight loss.  But sometimes, even when following a Paleo diet, it can be challenging to lose that last bit of fat.  Sure you are healthy and fit, but maybe vanity combined with an upcoming beach vacation has you wanting to lose those final 5 - 10 pounds.  If those last few pounds won't seem to budge, here are a few tips to take your Paleo diet to the next level: 1.  Stop fudging the numbers. Do you follow the 80/20 rule?  Or … [Read more...]