Egg Baked in Acorn Squash

Egg Baked in Acorn Squash 4

This recipe is an interesting twist on a classic Toad in the Hole. Just take a farm fresh egg, a beautiful acorn squash, add salt, pepper and fresh chives and viola, breakfast! Try baking the squash the night before to save time and you can enjoy this delicious meal any day of the week. It is packed full of protein and all the good stuff you need to get you day off on the right foot. Want more protein? Try adding some crumbled bacon! You won’t regret it. [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Stuffed Butternut Squash

Stuffed Butternut Squash 2

Stuffed butternut squash makes a filling and delicious meal. The classic combination of sausage and apple perfectly complement the sweet nuttiness of the squash. The chopped almonds give this dish that added crunch that sends it over the top. The butternut squash serves as the perfect serving vessel giving this dish the perfect wow factor for your next dinner party. Have leftovers? Just scoop out the contents and pop it in the freezer! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Kale Chips

Kale Chips-3

You’ll be surprised at how tasty these chips are. The olive oil paired with the earthy flavor of the kale is almost addicting. They also get a nice crunch that will help you get past your potato chip craving and on to a kale chip craving. You can add more seasoning, such as cumin, cayenne, or chili powder for a bolder, spicier flavor. Be sure not to let them get brown, once they are crisp, they will burn quickly, so keep a close eye on them. Enjoy! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Bacon Soup

Pumpkin Bacon Soup 1

Nothing says winter comfort like this creamy pumpkin soup sprinkled with crispy bacon and toasted pumpkin seeds. The smoky bacon gives this soup a surprisingdepth of flavor, while the pumpkin gives it just the right hint of sweetness. Don’t have time to cook during the week? This soup freezes great, so freeze individual portions that you can pop into the microwave whenever you are in a rush. [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Frozen Fruit Kabob with Paleo Fruit Dip

Frozen Fruit Kabob with Paleo Fruit Dip

This is the perfect Paleo sweet treat. It’s simple to assembly, but beautiful to present. Both kids and grown-ups will love the beautiful fruit on display on each kabob. Customize this for any fruit you want, try an all berry kabob, or a seasonal fruit kabob, or even a tropical fruit kabob with pineapple and mango. The creamy and delicious dip will go with all of them! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Bacon Jalapeño Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Bacon Jalapeno Mashed Sweet Potatoes-2

These potatoes are definitely a break from the ordinary. They are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The coconut cream cools it down while allowing the natural heat and flavor of the jalapeno to come through. Adding the bacon takes this recipe from boring to delicious! This would go great with a steak or even just a simple baked chicken. You can even bake the sweet potatoes ahead of time and then heat them up in a sauce pan just before dinner. [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Curry Cauliflower Rice

Curry Cauliflower Rice 2

One of the hardest things for anyone new to Paleo to give up is a side of rice with their curry. Have no fear this curry cauliflower rice will do just the trick! Fast to make and seasoned with curry, turmeric and ground ginger, it is the perfect thing for soaking up that extra coconut milk. Don’t have any coconut curry to serve it with? It would also be good with some grilled chicken or beef. [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Chicken “Taco” Bar

Chicken Taco Bar-4

Invite your friends over for a paleo friendly taco Tuesday they won’t forget! This taco bar is a fun way to make your dinner a social experience. Make it even better with unique and fun toppings. You can add even more spice to these by adding some crushed red pepper flake. Better yet, let your guests decide, by adding red chilies or pepper flake to your topping bar. This recipes reminds you that even though you follow a paleo lifestyle, you don’t have to give up the fun traditions you used to enjoy! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Carne Asada

Carne Asada-2

This is the perfect Mexican inspired paleo dinner. It’s easy to throw together in the morning, and then dinner is ready when you are. The sirloin become super tender in the slow cooker. This recipes serve up just the right amount of heat, but you can add more with some paleo friendly hot sauce! If the heat is too much, simple omit the cayenne and red pepper flake. The crisp lettuce leaves add a nice crunch to this delicious paleo dinner. It makes great left overs too! [recipe]   … [Read more...]

Mini Paleo Meatloaves

Mini Paleo Meatloaves 1

We all know that there is nothing more comforting than meatloaf. We also know that everything is better when you make it mini. So what happens when you combine the two? Magic! These mini paleo meatloaves are sure to be a hit at your family dinner table. They are made with ground turkey and topped with tangy paleo ketchup. Yum! [recipe]   … [Read more...]