Is This The Worst Paleo Article Ever?

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This week, Playboy published an article called Screw The Paleo Diet: Here's To Evolved Eating. The article has caused uproar in the paleo community and has been dubbed "The worst article I've ever read on paleo" by the paleo Reddit community.  The article starts out by explaining that the paleo diet often appeals to men because it's apparently more socially acceptable to boast about ripping meat off a bone than it is to suggest that you count calories. While the article alludes to a valid concern - that it's less socially acceptable for men to be concerned with health and weight loss than it is for women -, the article … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Eat Paleo


Okay, so you're not convinced yet. You don't care about the history of the paleo diet, or what's on a paleo diet food list, or even which paleo recipes you can make for dinner. You still want to know: Why start eating paleo in the first place? Well, here are three reasons as to why eating paleo is a good idea: Paleo Food Regulates Hormones The super scientific reason is that eating paleo is going to help regulate your hormones, most notably insulin. Insulin is the hormone that's perpetually jacked up because of the insane amounts of sugar that most people consume. This huge amount of sugar causes your blood sugar levels to … [Read more...]

How To Lose The Final Five Pounds With The Paleo Diet

This is a guest post from Vic Magary.  Vic is an advocate of the Paleo diet, proud pet-parent to his golden retriever Coda, and creator of the Final Five Formula program. The Paleo diet is a great eating strategy for weight loss.  But sometimes, even when following a Paleo diet, it can be challenging to lose that last bit of fat.  Sure you are healthy and fit, but maybe vanity combined with an upcoming beach vacation has you wanting to lose those final 5 - 10 pounds.  If those last few pounds won't seem to budge, here are a few tips to take your Paleo diet to the next level: 1.  Stop fudging the numbers. Do you follow the 80/20 rule?  Or … [Read more...]

How To Make Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Diet Breakfast Pancakes

How To Make Paleo Pancakes So you want to go beyond just making a great paleo breakfast and make some paleo pancakes of your own, huh? Well, you're in luck, we have a great 3-ingredient recipe for you that we've tweaked it a bit for our own tastes. What we ended up with is absolute perfection. Enjoy! Paleo Pancakes Recipe The great thing about paleo pancakes is they are super simple to make. Case in point: this only takes 3 ingredients. [recipe]   How To Make Paleo Pancakes Recipe - Infographic   Make your own paleo pancakes and learn more about the paleo diet at Paleo Pancake … [Read more...]

Caveman Blogger Fights For Free Speech And Internet Freedom

News at 11! Sharing your own health story can get you shut down. Steve Cooksey at Diabetes Warrior has been sharing his own personal story of health and weight loss using the paleo diet. There's just one problem. He didn't pay lots of money to learn about paleo from a book or to get a license. He just tried something and found that it worked (first hand experience really is something, huh?). Well, that wasn't good enough for the great state of North Carolina and their Board of Dietetics/Nutrition who sent him a letter this January, threatening to shut him down. Apparently you need a medical license to share … [Read more...]